Jin Jiang International Hotel Urumqi

Local Information

Urumqi, located in the western tip of China has a diverse culture with 13 minority groups, such as the Muslim,Uygur and the Kazakh people, who's origin is Central Asia. Urumqi has a various and unique landscape and culture with ethnic customs. The total population of Urumqi is 3.1 million. The city area is 166.8 sq.km. The temperature varies between -20 and 38 degrees and the annual rainfall is less than 300mm. Urumqi has always been an important hub on the old and new "Silk Roads". Jin Jiang International Hotel Urumqi is located in the government administrative region, only a few steps from the Urumqi municipal government, surrounded by the luxury garden landscape in Hongrui Haoting property and commercial office buildings. It fits into the scenery so well with Hongshan Park and Nanhu Square near by, it is convenient to the airport and railway station via the express way as well.